viernes, 12 de octubre de 2012

Black Island World




Size of World:2048 X 2048
Number of Lots:40

Tamaño del barrio:2048 X 2048
Numero de lotes:40

(42.4 MB) Free CC

Note: only containing 5 lots community built, the remaining 35 are free to build.

Nota: solo contiene 5 lotes comunitarios construidos, los 35 restantes están libres para construir.

Sin título-1

42.4 MB) Free CC


33 MB) Free CC

la versión de dropBox incluye semáforos y 6 lotes adicionales

DropBox version includes semaphores and 6 additional lots



4 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

Hi. Nice world. Can I get a download link i.e. from Mediafire. I don't trust the sims3 exchange. TIA

luis gomar dijo...

ready DropBox version includes semaphores and 6 additional lots

Lilith lots and housing dijo...

I wanted to ask whether the world is inhabited. Very much I like it but I do not see anywhere information about this


luis gomar dijo...

The world no residential lot, but do not worry, once you start building or installing houses begin to populate sims, I say that I currently play in the world XD.